The BCI is a military organization that operates in urban areas. whenever they go off to battle a city is never far behind. Expanding Cities is quite resource guzzling though, so the BCI travel far and wide in search for more. They are generally peaceful and would much rather trade with an enemy than attack, but there attempts at diplomacy are often unsuccessful.


The country of Norkia was a country only in the sense that no one else really wanted it. No one, that is, other than the cities inside its borders. Each city saw itself as the rightful ruler of the others, and there was much fighting between them. There were unwritten rules, however, that each city followed, as the punishment for breaking them was that the others would gang up on the perpetrator. One of these rules was a ceasefire on trading vessels. Unfortunately, only the politicians and generals knew of these, whereas the general population did not. This led to the attack on one city's trading vessels by large groups of rabble from the neighboring city. The other cities didn’t think fondly of the idea of their supplies being stopped, and they focused their attacks towards this city. Facing constant attacks at all sides, the mayor decided to retaliate. He organized the BCI, a fighting force designed and trained to take out and claim cities. Every citizen was enlisted into some part of the BCI. With each city the BCI conquered, their force would strengthen, as the newly conquered city's civilians would be enlisted into some part of the BCI. In one devastating campaign, the country of Norkia was reunited as one, giant city. They’re kind of like city zombies, when you think about it.