Defend The Keep [DTK] Edit

Defend the Keep, or DTK for short, is a Picture Wars game mode that pits a defender (Or a series of defenders) against an attacker (Or a series of Attackers). Most often, the defender starts with a large amount of soldiers and has to weather increasingly more difficult waves of attackers. There are variants that exist, such as the defenders building while under attack, following the wave pattern, until they are overwhelmed or have so heavily defended the objective that it is nigh impenetrable.

Objectives Edit

Objectives are items or structures in a DTK map that are either...

A - Essential to the defense of the keep.

B - Just there for some reason and it shouldn't be destroyed.

C - If this thing gets loose, it will make your life REALLY hard.

Now, most often, the game will end when the objective is destroyed, but in some cases, you can actually go on without that objective.

Often, B is the main objectives, with secondary objectives most often being A and C.