Clan AbstractusEdit

The Scribic-kind are known for their dramatic prowess, and lore. Members of the clan consists of any recognized entities in the Kobold's Specibus. Studies have shown that these kobolds are somewhat related to the goblinoids, though they don't hoard, they have astounding agility and dexterity, and have good endurance.

The BeginningEdit

In the time when Armok was still crafting the lands. The mighty deity crafted three races: the goblins, the dwarves, and the kobolds. Being created before he left, the kobolds were never completed, and they still felt a great fondness to their god lord. So a majority of the fine creatures scoured the lands which have never been touched by man, except the godhead. Many died, more suffered, few got near their destination, even fewer saw the comforting glow of the sanctified surfaces, before being killed by the guardian demons. Only two lived tell their tale, they pondered the experience. The two were betrothed, and staggering between life and death, surrounded by fire. Venturing into sight of the glow, they find an alter, filled with blood. Peering into the glowing red pool, an unearthly power attaches to them. They scribe an emblem onto the cave floor, and expire. In their place is a pen and a parchment, the winds howl, blast the relics into the cold, briny blue.

The FindingEdit

To come...