The NRG are a sentient race thriving on the cold planet Vio. A radical group of NRG named, The New Breed, were bent on studying the body. With years of tests and research, The New Breed (TNB) had unlocked a stage in their DNA, transforming them into large quantities of energy. Despite being made up of pure energy, TNB could still take actions they could normally fulfill with their former bodies and more.

Their new discovery did not go unnoticed. News about the new changed in the NRG body spread across the planet. Some welcomed the new change, most resented it. Those who joined TBN were viewed as heathens, rejecting the honorable NRG way of life. The NRG sought to destroy TBN and everything they had lived for. The leaders of NRG rejected the idea of violence, and concluded TBN and all their followers be banished from Vio. TBN did not fight this order. They left peacefully, in search of a new planet to support their ever-growing population.

NRG Soldier

The typical NRG soldier

Body ArmorEdit

The new NRG believed they were immortal due to their energy-like state of being. Despite not having normal flesh, these new NRG could still receive damage to their bodies. It was in their best interest to begin to craft armor for their new bodies.