Sandboxes Edit

Sandboxes are generally huge, open picture wars matches that operate on a declare system. There is normally no specific goal, and any number of players may join, often expanding the map as they join. Occasionally, a sandbox may have special conditions or rules that make gameplay more fun.

History Edit

The sandbox gamemode were the brainchild of longstanding PW member Ninja_Danz0r, and the very first sandbox game were created on 28'th September 2007 at 12:57 PM, and started out with a small farm and culminated in a huge battle which never saw the end. Memorable events include Rogue Piranha Plants, TIE Starcrawler crash and an epic Collaborated Defense. The Declare system was also invented during this match, as Ninja_Danz0r noticed that it allowed for more players to play at once and making turn order even more flexible.

Common gamemodes for sandboxes Edit

God mode: An otherwise normal sandbox, but with one player acting as a god, for example, calling down disasters or strange weather.

Zombie survival: Once again, a normal sandbox with special conditions. The players are assaulted by hordes of the undead and must fend them off or be eaten.

Destruction sandbox: A game where the aim is to construct huge bases until the map is totally full, at which point a disaster will strike, triggering an apocalyptic destruction of all that exists, leaving survivors to build it all again in the ruins.

City matches: A type of game that consists of a large map, free declare system and roleplaying, this matches are good to mess around, test your army, and many other things. Example: [[1]]

Tetro Machine: A sandbox, just like any sandbox. The catch is that tetris blocks fall constantly like a giant tetris machine, hence the name. Occasionally has small amounts of people. [2]