Settler History Edit

Beginning The settlers originated from the Anomilite crusades, These lasted for 120 years. The Anomilites had need of smaller forces. So they constructed the Settlers, the Settlers did their job perfectly. The crusades, which had been in stand-by for years because the Anomilites could not breach the Heretics stronghold. The war ended that very day.

Retribution The Settlers then became workers for the Anomilites. They mined on the moon of Verkalis 6 (A neighboring moon to the Anomilite home-planet), which wasn't easy work. They worked for, god knows how long. They began to revolt against the Anomilites. With their excellent tunneling capabilities, they constructed a fortress of their own. Much like the old Heretic fortress. The Anomilites had no way of reaching them 4 miles under the surface. The Settlers began researching and developing large armies. The Anomilites on the top began constructing their own weapons.

Destruction As the Settlers were beginning to surface, the Anomilites fired their star weapon, the Verkakay, or Moon Destroyer. Its massive M.A.G. slugs punctured deep within the earth, and the settler fortress was being attacked at from the surface, 4 miles up. The Settler army was quickly ushered to the surface, the massacre was terrible. Blood and Electronic gore was sprayed across the ground. The Settlers began using Thermonuclear warfare, the moon had little to no vegetation. Only massive ferns (up to 1 mile in height). The Thermonuclear war escalated, and eventually the Settlers took the moon.

Golden Age The Settlers abandoned the rough and pot-holed fortress and moved closer up to the surface. They captured the Verkakay and began modifying it. They used the modified cannon to construct massive structures. They began constructed their first inter-stellar ships. They used old nuclear power to sail them out into space. The Anomilites however prevented the Settlers from going anywhere beyond their own moons gravitational field. This aggravated the Settlers, and they began to pirateer ships, using the Anomilites destroyers and battleships to bombard they're cities on the Anomilite controlled planets.

  • To be continued*