Action shot

A group of skeletons fending of a horde of rampaging zombies. Notice the bottles and kegs of whisky lying around the place.

The skeletons are often looked upon as vicious savages, and they are. In battle that is, but when relaxing they are actually very jolly merry people often laughing and drinking and playing with their beloved bone dogs. The reason they are so happy is because they have been given a second chance, to start over and live life to the fullest. As it is usually over quicker than expected, as many of them have found out in their previous lives they are also fond lovers of whisky they drink gallons of the stuff, because that's the only thing they can actually taste! The reason they are so horrible in battle is because that is them repaying the debt of their second chance to their brutal, tyrannical dictator. Me.


Skeletons (or skellies are they are more commonly known) come from below the earth as you would imagine, but corpses completely stripped of all flesh can be used as well, as walking piles of rotting meat are extremely unpleasant to look at and smell, I can assure you. Once they have been raised from the ground via a graveyard they are given the standard Blunderbuss and armor and then set off to do some pillaging.


The skeletons make peace when they can, they are not completely barbarians. When they must resort to warfare, they have used the same tactic every time: overwhelm them with the same unit, just like the Russians!* However, unlike the Russians, they usually use grappling hooks, sewers, ladders and a few other types of equipment. They also usually come from different points of entry. The skeletons normally use the normal infantry unit and bone dogs, but also usually have a witch doctor at hand to resurrect the odd dead skeleton, and for heavy fire power they have skull tanks (basically large tanks shaped like skulls). There are three different types of Skull tanks. They are Normal artillery, Drill tanks and Grappling hook tanks for getting troops over cliffs and up steep walls.

  • Many of the skeletons were Russians in their first lives anyway.