The Great Army of Imperial Belogravia Edit

The Belogravian army is a humanoid army created by liltimmy, and is the sole army he has actually released in a thread, and virtually the only one he plays with. The difference between this army and a generic human army is that this army was probably the first army in picture wars to be based on steampunk. The style of the buildings and vehicles is gleaned from Victorian sci-fi, and uses lots of brassy shades and exposed machinery. Many of the newer sprites have gained some compliments, but the bulk of the sprites, until recently, were older sprites that have been prettied up. The army has not seen many formal matches, mostly seeing action in sandboxes such as City at War

Playing style In the matches that the army has been active, the playing style has been largely defensive, with large bases and a few defensive troops. This is because, to quote liltimmy: "I am turtle. You cannot penetrate shell. GTFO the shell." On the occasions that they have attacked, most of the troops are riflemen, which carry WWI-style bolt-action rifles, with most of the others being grenadiers or cannonmen. Recently, a new troop called the raygunner has been introduced as an answer to the high-tech armies, along with a giant hump-backed mutant.