Overview Edit

WWI: The Siege of St. Petersburg[1], a match between Squidbot and Sanzh that first drew excitement because of its impressive map, and then drew even more attention as the match began in earnest.

By the tenth page, and the end of its first chapter, the Worlds War I match was being viewed as the new Choco vs. Psycho, and moved into The Epic Legends of Picture Wars.

Armies Edit

Squidbot: Confederacy of Allied Planets
Sanzh: Solar Unity Alliance

Important/Notable Characters Edit

Colonel Aleksandr Tsevo
Jakobi Maller
Lieutenant Jonathan Morgaine
Sergeant Tethys

Commander Roberts
Councilman Winters
Colonel Soban
General Rostov
Lieutenant Tikhomirov

Map Edit

The map was specifically designed for The Siege of St. Petersburg by Squidbot. It was said to have "[taken] forever to make".

Special Features Edit

Aside from an intriguing and well-conceived narrative, The Siege of St. Petersburg featured a number of impressive details.

Drop Pods
Smoke shrouds
Tank-flipping heavies

Story / Rough Chronology Edit

Increase in Outer World Taxes
System Trade Embargo, Formation of the CAP
The Lunar Campaign, Destruction of Selene
The CAP Strikes Back, Destruction of SUA Orbital Assets
Evacuation of St. Petersburg, Reinforcement of the City
The Siege of St. Petersburg
Councilman Winters Executed
First Drop
Destruction of Victory Hotel