This army was created by Furohman

The Army Edit

A bunch of generic human beings, flung from the mid-late 20th century far into the future where lasers roam the earth, the TechSoviets employ a mixture of old weaponry and space technology on the battlefield and are great conquerers of simple folk across the universe. They are hardy fellows when it comes to heat and cold, but give them a bullet and they'll be crying for their mothers in no time. Formerly known as the TechSoviet Militia.

The Glorious Leader and Generals Edit

The entirety of the high ranked military and the so-called 'Glorious Leader' are Russian or Eastern European. Most of them are survivors of 'The Jump' and those that are not were at least born soon afterwards. Generals often have cities, countries or entire continents on conquered planets named after them and are backed up by a battalion of elite bodyguard who rarely leave their side. The standard uniform for all officers is the same, a dark red soldier's uniform with gold trim and a cap. They usually carry only a side arm into battle. The Glorious Leader has been seen only by a select few but is rumoured to be the head of the facility affected in The Jump. All that is known about him is that he is the supreme ruler of the TechSoviet Empire and he is represented in propaganda as a tall, average sized man with an imposing face similar to that of Josef Stalin in the old days.

History of the TechSoviets Edit