Introduction Edit

The triangles are a race created by the ▲ist Ahp77. They were made to help spread the (not-so-)mighty cult known as trianglism. They actually look more like cones, but since we only look upon them from the sides, we see triangles.

Anatomy Edit

The triangles, unlike most humanoids, do not possess brains near the top of their bodies. Their brains are actually behind the stomach, which is right behind the mouth. Thusly, triangles can actually spit stomach acids at their foes, but don't because it is relatively harmless.

Despite the size of their brains, the triangles are surprisingly intelligent. They have been known to throw corpses at their enemies when left with no other defenses. They also know that their points are pointy, and have been seen goring foes with them. nonetheless, they still prefer shortened halberds as their main weapon.

Base construction Edit

The only people who have seen triangle bases have been slaughtered on the spot. The only human who currently knows how they build them is Ahp77, and he's not telling.