Intro Edit

The Tiporan Empire are a gathering of similar creatures, all of which are spawned from the first Tiporan. This being is nearly ever living, all seeing and all powerful. Most Tiporans call this being the "Great Mind." Past this first Tiporan there are other, weaker Tiporan's and the much smaller Tipplings.

Tiporans Edit

The Tiporans are a large, powerful race that are on the top of society's ladder. They are the Warriors, The Commanders and The Nobles, among other very powerful positions. They tower over most other humanoid beings, standing at an average of 7'6" tall. The Tiporan's Gene structure is very Similar to most Sponges, even reproducing through Budding(see Tipplings).

Most Tiporans are Fun-Loving, Violent and Manic, a great combination of Traits for soldiers and good times at the after-party.

Tipplings Edit

The Tipplings are the working, slave class of the Tiporan Army. Though there are some Tipplings high up in society, it is very Rare. Being a small bit smarter than their father-race, they are in control of building most of the Mechanical Creations. Most Tipplings are a small 4'6" dwarfed by the Tiporans.

Tipplings are spawned from the brains of Tiporans as if a sentient brain tumor, breaking off of their heads, and taking form. The small amount of time for a Tippling to be born, and the lack of attention needed for them makes the Reproduction a (fairly) painless process.