The Trion Army was created by the Collective Mind. The Trion are a race of aliens that have become so advanced that they are now a collection of sentient AIs. They now command armies of drones. However, the Drones become inert if you destroy the Collective Fragment.


Collective Fragments can call in drop pods and build Workers. Workers can either adapt into Drillers to dig tunnels, Technomatter Harvesters, or they can build a Warp Portal, Power Node, Defensive Turret, or Resource Gatherer. Warp Portals can warp in Hover Tanks or Drones. Hover Tanks can be adapted into Heavy Tanks with the help of a Worker. Drones can adapt into AquaDrones or AeroDrones. They can adapt into Spidrones with the help of a Worker. Defensive Turrets can be adapted into Superturrets with the help of a Worker. Resource Gatherers are built on a bed of Technomatter, which slowly heads toward the nearest resource (seen in the lower left-hand corner). Technomatter can spread. Technomatter Harvesters gather Technomatter and return it to a Resource Gatherer to convert it into a Swarm or a Defensive Wall. Swarms are easily destroyed by automatic weapons fire. Defensive Walls are destructible.


  • All of their units and buildings are equipped with a self-destruct.
  • All the machines of the Trion Army are immune to heat, and can function underwater.
  • Some of their buildings float on top of water.


Trion machines appear be able to change their shape slightly. Many an army has suddenly found themselves being attacked from above by formerly land-bound Drones. Even stranger is the substance called Technomatter. Technomatter appears to grow like moss or algae, but it is composed of metal and is completely autonomous.

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