The ZWKP are a new army developed by gtaftw and Trifon. The army is currently in early stages and was first made by gta to help him practice making vehicles.


During World War 2 Southern Poland was largely unpopulated. When Germany invaded, many jews from the north, under fear of the Nazis, fled to this southern area. As the war progressed this area came under siege. The turning point came when a large force of polish Nazi Soldiers turned on the Germans, making them flee the town untill swiftly hunted down. The place of this event is now know as Namalsk, the capital of Zarokov.

As the war ended a government was already in place in Zarokov, so the men living there broke bonds with poland and became its own land.

A map of modern day Zarokov, shown with neighbouring countries such as Klankash and poland.

During the 1960s Zarokov became a very rich country. Little infomation is know about this period as most of the infomation regarding it is confidential. What is known is that Zarokov struck oil. The communists from Russia to the east had heard of this breakthough and began taking control of Zarokov. The Russians toppled the government and placed General Ruski Pavlovski in charge of the oild abundant country. The Russians did an excelent job of masking the invasion and only a handful of Newspapers at the time had infomation regarding it. After the invasion of Zarokov communism fell. Zarokov being such a low profile country, fell under the radar of the USs arm and still holds communism today. In 2006 a rebel movment called the Zarokovian Freedom Force took hold of Zarokovs biggest oil mine, Tamalsky. As a result of this the Rebel movement gained a lot of wealth and such started to invest in weaponry to fight the Zarokovian Communists. On the 5th December 2007 civil war was declared and the rebel movement started to move towards Namalsk. The Zarokovian Government in turn started to create a police force to wipe out the rebels in the walls of Namalsk. The newly formed ZWKP was a huge success. Because of this the ZWKP became a nation wide Military Police force.

And such it is today. On the 21st of April 2014 the Freedom Force lauched a huge attack into Namalsk and the ZWKP were overwelmed. The city couldn't be taken though as a huge formation of tanks still defended the Government buildings. The ZWKP began to grow again and war is still tearing though Namalsk to this day.

Written: 16th June 2014

The ArmyEdit

The army its self takes from a russian sort of origin taking a lot of ideas from such. The Zarokovian tech on the otherhand is based on high end military vehicles from the west. Because of this the story of striking gold was created.


The ZWKP in all its glory. (will be updated with every change).